Welcome to Hodgenville

Thank you for visiting us today.
The City of Hodgenville is the county seat of LaRue County, Kentucky, and is located in central Kentucky, just 10 miles south of Elizabethtown. We are connected by a four lane highway known as Lincoln Parkway.
Hodgenville is a 4th class city with a Mayor-Council form of government.
I like to think we are a small town with a big heart. Our population is approximately 3800 people.
One thing that defines us from all other cities is that we are the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President.
Our community thrives on small businesses and tourism. We have 2 national parks in our county, the Abraham Lincoln National Birthplace and Lincoln Knob Creek Boyhood home. We have a first rate school system, a youth park, public swimming pool, and a city park complex complete with walking trails, children's playground, basketball court, pavilion and rest rooms for the public. Our county also has an educational and environmental center approximately 2 miles from the city limits, to educate our youth on environmental and wildlife issues. I have lived here all of my life and am proud of our community and its people. If you are looking for a place to call home or just to visit I encourage you to consider Hodgenville as your destination. The people here and our heritage are second to none.
                                                                                   Mayor Kenny Devore

Kenny Devore,

200 S Lincoln Blvd
Hodgenville, Ky  42748